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The integration of smart grids and digital technologies is also a key component of Britain ’ s modern-day energy infrastructure . The UK energy sector is leveraging data analytics , artificial intelligence ( AI ) and Internet of Things ( IoT ) technologies to optimize energy distribution , improve grid resilience and enhance overall efficiency . The move towards a more intelligent and interconnected grid is vital to accommodate the intermittency of renewable energy sources and promote energy conservation .
Building more flexibility into Britain ’ s energy system will be key going forward . Flexibility markets help electricity networks to monitor energy flows and flag market signals to initiate changes in energy supply and demand . Smart meters , smart appliances and small-scale renewable energy resources can be integrated into the markets at short notice when needed , helping to balance the system when unexpected events ( a sudden change in weather or outages on big power stations ) threaten its stability .
Demand will continue to rise with the adoption of EVs and heating electrification expected to more than double by 2050 .
Government policies continue to be instrumental in shaping the direction of the domestic energy industry . The UK government has introduced a series of measures to encourage investment in clean energy , promote energy efficiency and support research and development in emerging technologies . The regulatory framework aims to provide a stable environment for businesses , fostering innovation and attracting both domestic and foreign investment .
However , while the UK energy sector has made remarkable strides , challenges persist . The transition to a low-carbon economy requires substantial investment , and energy prices , supply chain disruptions and geopolitical factors all have an impact on the industry . That said , these challenges also present opportunities for innovative companies that know the market and can generate clean energy at low cost .
As we reach the point that renewables no longer easily fit into the old ways of doing things , the opportunities for benefiting from the change will be visible across the entire industry from individual users through to grid level requirements . That leads to new opportunities , new technologies , new changes in consumption , new niches .
The UK energy industry in 2024 stands at the forefront of a green revolution , driven by a commitment to decarbonization and a shift towards renewable energy sources . As the sector continues to evolve , the integration of new technologies , supportive policies and a focus on sustainability will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of energy in our country . ■
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Andy Normand is Business Development Director at Encora Energy . Encora Energy was created in November 2015 by energy professionals looking to help clients exploit opportunities related to the changing needs of the energy market . Encora provides project development , engineering , consultancy and operations management services to customers , helping them deal with the practicalities of developing , installing , operating and maintaining new energy systems such as renewable and battery storage systems , combined heat and power ( CHP ) plants , fuel cells , gas engines and gas turbines .
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